The Key Facts about the 137b Report

When it comes to dealing with real estate and property, building inspection is one of the most important aspects. The Building Act of 1993 and its Section 137b relates to all building works that are being carried out by the owner and the same party then wishes to sell the same property.

An additional clause is that the property in question should be sold within a period of 6.5 years once the work has been finished. In this case, 137b report is of a paramount significance. Under the Building Act, the owner-builder who desires to carry out the work on the same property and then plans to sell it inside of the 6 years and 6 months after the work has been finalized has to get this report.


In this setup, the owner builder is the person who is described as the one who renovates of constructs a building with domestic purposes that is located on her or his land and who is not otherwise active or employed in the business branch of the building industry. The act states that the genuine and real owner-builders do not desire to sell their property immediately and have to reside inside of the dwelling once the work has been completed. At the same time, the owner-builder needs to be the title holder or the owners of the said property.

When it comes to the building works themselves, almost anything can be counted as one. All those who had any work done inside of their home must attain a 137b report if they are determined to sell within the mentioned 6.5 years. The works can include things like removal of a window that is then rebuilt as a door, a renovation process that refurbishes the kitchen, a building of a barbecue and many other things that do not require any structural works to be conducted. Simply put, if there were building works in which the owner is included, the same building inspection report needs to be produced.

Getting a 137b report requires the use of licensed professionals like builders, surveyors, architects, drafts-persons who are active in the construction industry, and structural engineers. With their help, the subsequent selling or renting process of the property can be continued.

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