Are Wood Pellet Stoves The Greenest Home Heating Option?

The greenest heating option is one that uses the least amount energy to carry out its purpose. So if we use the mindset, less is better, then it would have to be solar energy. It is abundant, renewable and does not have any harmful bi-product. But then again, solar heating is still a bit expensive. As its power output is dependent on the number of panels a home has, what about for bigger homes. And if you’re thinking that bigger home means that its owners can afford to buy more panels, that is not always the case.

From an environmental standpoint, avoiding the use of fossil fuels if possible is always good news. But if getting a solar system to heat an entire home is not an option that is available, the next best thing would be to use wood pellet stoves.

Wood pellets stoves uses renewable fuel and is clean burning. Though they do emit carbon but the upside to them is that their carbon footprint is much lower since they are able to use compacted sawdust rather than actual trees. Yes, the sawdust you see at lumber mills can become a fuel source for pellet stoves. And since there is no way for us to entirely outlaw logging, making the most out of every tree that is being cut is better than cutting a tree to use as a fuel source.

A downside though to using wood pellets is the use of electric blowers. A blower is used to introduce air into the combustion chamber and another delivers warm air to the room. The result is a very clean combustion that emits air that has fewer pollutants compared to wood stoves that burn cordwood. But then again, the blowers are noisy and the use of electricity is an issue for hardcore environmentalists.

For central heating, a pellet boiler is advised. Burning pellets heats water and is then pushed through baseboard radiators just like in gas and oil fired systems.

The biggest advantage of a pellet boiler over the pellet stove is that less plastic is used since its pellets can be bought in bulk.

Regardless of what you choose, there is no substitute for solar power when it comes to renewable clean energy. But until the technology becomes easily available and affordable to everyone, a pellet heating system is your best option.

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